10 Reasons to Detox Your Body 

10 Reasons to Detox Your Body 

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I try my best to be healthy; I eat my fruits and veggies, drink plenty of water, and exercise daily. So why is it that I still feel run down? Why do I have a cold that I can’t seem to shake? Why do I not feel my best?

So maybe I’m not the epitome of health, I skip meals, drink a little more wine than I should, and may have a slight obsession with cheese. Who can honestly say that they never eat something they shouldn’t? This got me thinking, how do I recharge my body? 

This question led me to do some research about healthy detox. I was quite surprised to learn how many toxins enter our bodies in a multitude of ways. Our bodies naturally eliminate and neutralize toxins but we overwhelm our detox organs daily!

I’m convinced that a detox is what my body needs to feel 100% again. I have composed a list of the top 10 reasons to detox your body  to help raise awareness and help you all realize what our bodies truly need to thrive.  

 Restore Balance 

Your body’s systems are designed to work together. Your digestive, nervous, and hormonal systems are meant to live in harmony. When you have a build up of toxins in your body, those systems are blocked from communicating with one another, thus leaving you feeling out of whack. Eliminating those toxins with detox brings the balance back to your system. 

Increase Energy 

When toxins and free radicals are removed your energy levels skyrocket. You will sleep better and need less sleep each night. You also won’t hit that 3 p.m. slump at work because your energy levels will last throughout the day! 

Prevent Chronic Disease 

Environmental toxins cause cancers, headaches, neurological disease, strokes and more. By doing a detox, you are removing all of those toxins as well as preventing build up to assist in disease prevention. 

Enhance Immune System 

Doing a detox helps to boost your immune system thus making catching common colds, stomach bugs, and the flu far less likely.  

Weight Loss 

Detoxing your body is an excellent way to boost your metabolism! Many toxins are stored in fat cells and when you flush those toxins from your body, the fat cells shrink. A detox is a safe and easy way to boost your metabolism and shed unwanted pounds! 

Slow the Aging Process 

A detox rids your body of free radicals and heavy metals and increases nutrient absorption. When your body is able to  absorb the nutrients it needs, you will look and feel younger! 

Overall Improvement of Well Being 

Your body is not equipped to function properly when it is full of toxins.  After doing a detox you will notice that depression is decreased, memory is improved, you will sleep better, and you will have a bright healthy glow! 


Once toxins, free radicals, and pollutants are cleared from your body, you will have increased brain function as well. You will think more clearly and have a more grounded view. It will also be easier to make decisions and remember important dates! 

Radiant Skin 

Did you know that the environment and your diet affects your skin? Doing a detox will rid your skin of pollutants leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant. Also, a detox improves the strength of your skin and nails.  

Removes Toxins 

Last and certainly not least, who wants a build up of pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, and free radicals clogging up their bodies? This build up affects behavior, immune health, and metabolism. Doing a detox is the best way to clear and reboot your system to its peak performance.  

All in all, a detox sounds like a win-win plan to get back on the right track and reset. Always consult with your Doctor and do your research about which detox would work best for you!

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