10 Things You NEED at Your Wedding

10 Things You NEED at Your Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life, so planning it can be stressful for everyone involved. By using these ten things, your wedding can exceed any expectations, leaving you with the best day of your life.

Good Music Source

Music in both the ceremony and the reception is so important, and it can make the night even more enjoyable. DJs and wedding singers are both options for providing music. Wedding singers can be a fantastic choice because people LOVE live music. They’re also straightforward to find, whether you know them personally or search “wedding singers Charlotte, NC.” DJs are also fun, as they can play whatever genre of music you’d like.

Emergency Kits

Accidents happen to the best of us, so having emergency things available for not only the bridal party but also the guests can be a lifesaver. In the bathrooms, put stain removers, deodorant, ibuprofen, etc. Your guests will be thanking you.

Direction Signs

Homemade or bought, signs that point people toward parking, the ceremony, and the reception can be super helpful, especially when everything is at one venue but may be confusing to find. Signs can easily match the rest of your theme, too.

Interactive Food Tables

Whether it’s a cookie table or a make-your-entrée table, guests love having the ability to pick and choose precisely what they want to eat, especially for the picky eaters. It’s a fun way to be sure everyone eats what they want, and also have cute décor.

Fun Surprises

Everyone can agree that there’s nothing worse than a boring wedding. Keep your guests on their toes with special performances or a fireworks show at the end of the night. The surprises don’t have to be big or expensive, keep the entertainment flowing.

To-Go Boxes

Having leftover cake is always okay, but what if you know you won’t be able to eat it all before it goes bad? By the end of the night, have decorative to-go boxes by the doors so guests can take some home with them, leaving you with one less thing to worry about during clean-up.

Kid Activities

If you know there will be bunches of toddlers running around, you should have something to occupy them. Set up a coloring table or a game table for the kiddos to stay, so their parents can have fun by themselves. Hiring a babysitter for your wedding may also be smart to keep kids out of trouble.

Photo Booth

Photo booths can be an excellent substitute for party favors. Send your guests home with memorable pictures with your names and date on it, while also having a fun activity to do at the reception. 

Picture Displays

Post pictures of you and your spouse at different ages at each table, or just snapshots from your favorite memories together. Photos are the perfect personal décor. 

Good Bartender

The bartender can help the party get started, so having either an open bar or a good range of alcohol to serve can make the night even more fun. Alcohol isn’t always necessary at weddings, but it can help anyone loosen up and join you on the dance floor.