4 Safety-Enhancing Bath Lift Features You Should Seek Out

4 Safety-Enhancing Bath Lift Features You Should Seek Out

Bath lifts raise and lower you from the bath, so they are deservedly popular among those with mobility problems. Of course, not all bath lifts are equal, and some lack the most modern safety features. If you value your own peace of mind, here are four things you should look for when you’re buying a bath lift. 

  1. Secondary Power

The motor of your bath lift should be powered directly from the mains, but it should also include a back-up battery. Though unlikely, it is possible that a power cut may strike while you are in the bath, or a fuse could blow, turning off the electricity in your bathroom. In either case, you could become stuck in the bath if the lift does not have a back-up battery. That means either waiting for help as the water gets colder around you or trying to pull yourself out manually and risking a fall in the process.

  1. Powerful Motor

Your bath lift’s motor should be strong enough to raise and lower your body without wobbling or jostling the belt. This is vital for user safety since it helps hold you steady. If the belt jostles beneath your body, it can be very tough to stay balanced, especially when you’re being raised up.

  1. 24/7 Helpline

There’s no such thing as a completely fool-proof bath lift. A problem can strike even the most well-made model, so you need to make sure that help is on hand in the event of a breakdown. When you buy your bath lift, make sure it is covered by a warranty that provides a 24/7 helpline and available visiting technicians. If something goes wrong with your bath lift, you need to know that someone can help you address the issue as soon as possible.

  1. Home Consultation

Ultimately, you need your bath lift to perfectly fit around your own body and personal mobility issues. It could be that the model you’re looking at would be less effective for you than another model. This is why it’s so important to look for bath lift providers who offer home consultations. They’ll supply you with a product tailor-made around your needs, and that’s always going to enhance safety.

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