4 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick

Getting sick something which isn’t only unenjoyable, it can bring your entire life to a standstill.  You may have to miss work, school, or important engagements.  This can lead to money and time lost not to mention however many days of suffering.

When you have a family, the entire family becomes susceptible once one of you are sick.  The entire house suddenly goes on lockdown and you are left wondering how you are going to possibly make it through back to health in this quarantined germ zone.

The best defense is a good offense, however.  Rather than trying to battle the illness once it already begins, why not stop it from starting at all.  Here are some of the most effective proven ways to keep you and your family from the grips of illness.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Believe it or not, the kitchen can be one of the biggest germ zones.  It’s important to make sure that you clean all surfaces regularly as well as treating for pests if necessary.  When things aren’t sanitary in the place where your family prepares their food, then you are putting yourself at risk of contamination and illness.

Therefore, keeping a place like this completely free of germs is one of the best ways to make sure that everyone stays healthy.  Stay on top of this area and you’ll find your chances for illness are much lower overall for you and everyone in the household.

Bundle Up

When you go outside in the cold winter months your body is much more susceptible to illnesses if you aren’t bundled up properly.  Our human skin isn’t equipped to protect us against cold conditions so always wear a coat which is warm enough for the weather.

Wearing layers which protect you in the rain will be especially helpful since being cold and wet doubles your chances for illness. And of course, wear the proper kind of footwear to guard against illness as well.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

When we don’t sleep enough, our immune systems are low and we find ourselves weaker than usual.  One of the most important things that you can do to protect yourself against getting sick is to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

A body well rested stands up against germs much better, so make sure that you get all the rest you need.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Throughout the day our bodies come into contact with all sort of bacteria.  From handrails to doorknobs, to even picking up the telephone.

Therefore, washing your hands at least once an hour greatly decreases your risk of illness. If you aren’t near running water consider carrying around a small container of antibacterial solution.

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