4 Ways Cell Phone Addiction Takes Its Toll On Your Health

In this modern age, it seems that just about everyone has a cell phone walking down the street. Not only do they have one but they are frequently out in the open in the palms of people’s hands. People can develop such an addiction that they couldn’t imagine a day without their phone.

We can see that technology as evolved to safe-guard us from phone radiations by blocking EMF. For example, there are products like the electromagnetic field protective phone cases that reduce the heat contact from the electronic device and the user’s body. However, as the popularity of cellphones rises, the more people are starting to realize the harmful effects of cell phones beyond just the original risk of radiation. There are proving to be far more risks than just this. Here are the biggest ways that cell phone addiction can start to take a toll on your overall health.

Lack Of Human Connection

People who are frequently on their phone are missing out on living in the present moment. By not partaking in conversations or looking around them they are reducing their existence to a solitary one.

Rather than opening yourself up to the possibility of perhaps meeting a stranger on public transportation, or getting to know your friends better, you are swiping through your phone meaninglessly.

Studies show that not only do people who are frequently on their phone feel lonelier than the average person, but they are also more likely to be susceptible to criticism and compare themselves to others.

Degrading Eyesight

By staring at your phone throughout the day you will start to find that your eyes eventually start to degrade. Phones are full of bright lights which create a stark contrast against the rest of your vision. Therefore, your eyes struggle to focus and end up overworking themselves.

The tiny text on a phone also leads to squinting and overstraining of your eyes and ultimately can lead to migraines and in more serious cases, even blindness depending on your pre-existing conditions.

Reduces Attention Span

Flipping through multiple applications on your phone leads to not being completely focused on just one thing. When your brain is all over the place it starts to become incapable of focusing its attention on just one thing for a long period of time.

This degradation of your attention span can spill over into other areas of your life like work, or conversation, ultimately affecting your ability to multi-task. While some people may think that focusing on various things at once can improve your multitasking abilities, it, in fact, hinders them.

Demotivates Movement

People who are wrapped up in their phones aren’t as motivated to get up and move. Since their energy is focused downwards and in the palm of their hand, they are functioning on a different wave of thought than someone who is sitting still staring at nothing.

Putting down your phone more often is shown to increase your physical activity by as much as two hours a day.