5 Christmas Fruits and Vegetables for a Happy and Healthy Holiday

5 Christmas Fruits and Vegetables for a Happy and Healthy Holiday

Fruit tree

On top of being exceptionally good for you, there are many fruits out there that are perfect for the festive season, as you can create superb works of art that’ll have people dying just to take a bite. Check out the following images for some festive inspiration.

The Christmas Tree

Incredibly colourful and creative, this wonderful fruit Christmas tree can make the perfect centrepiece at the dinner table or at a Christmas party.

Dried Fruit Wreath


This colourful wreath is created from citrus fruits and decorated in edible glitter. The recipe is available in the link above, and you can trust they offer a beautiful citrus scent that’ll fill the home.

The Broccoli Tree

This wonderful broccoli tree is sure to impress your guests and will demonstrate how passionate you are about healthy eating.

Santa Strawberries

These cute santa strawberries are the perfect addition to any festive table. However, if you’re on a weight loss plan then ensure you don’t overindulge, as the cream won’t be as good for you as the strawberries.

Mixed Fruit Wreath

This magnificent wreath was created using a mixture of apples, oranges, pears, strawberries and berries, and can add a traditional festive touch to a home during Christmas.

Which idea was your favourite from above? Be sure to let us know. Don’t forget to regularly check back for the latest posts that we hope will inspire you, whilst ensuring you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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