5 things to do on your girls’ trip to Ko Samui

5 things to do on your girls’ trip to Ko Samui

It’s time for some undisturbed quality time with the girls on this coming Ko Samui island trip. Pack your summer clothes, swimsuits, sunglasses and party dresses and you are all set for an amazing island stay in the Gulf of Thailand. With the sun shining down and the ocean in front of you, it is time to make this holiday count, leaving troubles and boyfriends behind. Here are 5 things to do this girls’ trip to Ko Samui: 

1. Spa time

The amazing body reviving Thai massages are reason enough to come and holiday in this exotic country. Skillful ladies can do magic to your body, bending and stretching the tiniest bit of tension out of every single muscle in your body, making you feel reborn again. Go on and have one every day while you are here. Also, make sure to have at least one long, lazy, utterly relaxing spa day where the Thai massage is just one part of your girls-only relaxation program. Have a manicure, a pedicure, fish spa, a facial and the whole shebang getting the most out of the pampering Thai spa culture – it is a girls’ trip, after all – no one will complain about some extra time spent in the spa.

2. Rent a private pool villa by the beach

Wouldn’t it be the best thing to have one private luxury villa for all you girls to stay at together? A base, a lovely tropical Thai home away from home with a swimming pool from where you can stroll to the beach, go shop and go explore the island? Ko Samui has got lots of private pool villas to choose from, in all shapes, forms and prices for all budgets. The exclusivity and privacy you get are priceless. On top of that, the villas comes with heartwarming staff to keep your holiday retreat spotless and pamper you with tropical drinks to make your stay even more wonderful. No hotel or resort can beat this!

3. Beach and beach parties

The beach is one of the main points of interest for girls flying over to Thailand. Dreams of white sandy, palm-fringed beaches and azure blue waters come true on Ko Samui Island. Put your bathers on, buy a beach sarong on the market, wear those sunglasses and don’t forget to put on a whole lot of sunblock – it is time for some great beach days with the girls. Work on that tropical island tan, sip coconuts and cocktails, swim in the water, take the most instagrammable photos and create memories that last for a lifetime. When the sun is down, get dressed at your private villa and head back to the beach for one of those famous beach parties. Chaweng is where the party kicks ass, so go check it out!.

4. Island Hopping

We never get enough of those beautiful crescent bays and turquoise waters. From Ko Samui, you can go island hopping. The Angthong Marine National Park is home to no less than 42 islands. You can go on day trips to famous islands such as Ko Tao and Ko Phangan or spend the day kayaking between smaller islands near Ko Samui. The beaches in this pristine archipelago are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

5. Motorbike day trip

The best way of seeing the island is by motorbike, so once you are all rested and tanned, rent some scooters and go explore the temples, waterfalls and more beaches of Ko Samui by bike. For those who never drove a scooter before and don’t dare to try, just hop on the back and enjoy the views along the way. You are in for a wonderful day trip with the wind in your hair and the horizon ahead. Do remember to always wear a helmet. The roads can be quite hard to navigate, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, you should get insurance when you hire the bike. If you were to buy a scooter back home, you’d have to find motor scooter insurance separately, but generally the hired ones here come with insurance. Give it a try; you will love it!

Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder.com