6 Inspiring Male Celebrity Weight Losses

Attempting a new weight loss system is bound to be a little daunting, as you’re likely to wonder whether you have what it takes to battle the bulge. Well, you do. The following celebrities once thought that they’d never achieve their dream weight, but look at them now.

Rick Gervais

ricky-gervaisIn 2010, Ricky Gervais and his girlfriend, Jane, decided to exercise and diet together to lose weight. They lost a fantastic 40lbs between them, with Ricky losing a reported 22lbs.

Perez Hilton


Perez Hilton lost a dramatic amount of weight back in 2012 when he shed 60 pounds. The self-proclaimed Queen of All Media admitted it took him three years to lose the weight, and says he keeps in shape by exercising daily and eating healthily.


Randy Jackson

Struggling with Type 2 diabetes, Randy Jackson decided enough was enough and ultimately lost an incredible 100lbs from his 300lb frame. He now maintains his size by cutting back on sugar, fat and processed foods, as well as regularly playing tennis, using the treadmill and going on walks.

Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt had women swooning across the world when he tweeted a photograph of his superb weight loss back in July. The actor stated that he beefed up by cutting carbohydrates from his diet, quitting beer for six months and lifting weights.

Jack Osbourne


Jack Osbourne followed in his sister’s steps when he shocked the world with his dramatic weight loss. Weighing 231lbs, Jack Osbourne opted for a more active lifestyle and lost 71lbs, as he quit smoking and drinking, altered his diet and now exercises regularly.



Timbaland has completely transformed his body by opting for a protein rich diet and introducing an intensive training regimen into his daily routine. As a result, he went from 331lbs to 210 pounds.

The great thing about the above celebrity weight loss stories is that each one of them is different. If you want to follow in their footsteps then simply introduce a new weight loss plan that complements your lifestyle, and it could be the step you need to take to achieve your target weight.