How Can Your Hair Loss Be Improved Without Surgery?

How Can Your Hair Loss Be Improved Without Surgery?

You are not going to have to undergo surgery if you are experiencing any level of hair loss. This is going to be able to give you peace of mind.

There are several benefits to having this type of procedure carried out: 

  • You will not feel the need to cover up your head all of the time.
  • You will feel more feminine than you did when the hair loss started to affect you.
  • You are going to feel much more comfortable and you will want to socialise with all of your friends.

The Methods For Improving Your Hair Without Surgery

There are a couple of distinct methods that can be used to cover up female hair loss. Neither of these methods is going to require surgery.

Full Hair Implant

A full hair implant is going to be recommended to you if you have extensive hair loss. This might have been caused by a few factors. You may have suffered from an illness such as cancer or a condition such as alopecia.

One form of non surgical hair replacement for women is going to involve a mesh which is placed on the scalp. The hair will grow through the mesh to obscure it completely. This is going to look completely natural and you are going to feel completely comfortable.

You may not need to have a full hair implant. Instead, you may need to have something that is not as comprehensive.

Hair Extensions

You may only need to have hair extensions and you will have total control over the style that is installed. This is going to make your hair look more voluminous and all of the bald patches are going to completely disappear.

Caring For The Hair After It Has Been Installed

You do not need to give the extensions or implants any special treatment. You just need to care for this hair in the same way as you would if it was your original hair. The care process should be explained to you by the clinic. This is going to be a very simple process.

1)  Wash The Hair Gently – you should wash the hair gently so that it is going to remain healthy. This can be done every couple of days with shampoos and conditioners. You should gently dry the hair rather than using an excessive amount of heat.

2) Have The Hair Cut In The Normal Way – you should have your hair cut in the normal way by a professional. They are going to make the extensions look completely different after they have finished. Use the same hairdresser on a regular basis so that

3) Don’t Use A Large Amount Of Hairspray – don’t use a large amount of hairspray on the hair that has been installed. You want this hair to be as chemical-free as possible. There are many ways to hold your hair in place without hairspray.


Non-surgical hair replacement will boost your confidence. It is carried out using implants or extensions.

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