CBD Tinctures For Beginners

CBD Tinctures For Beginners

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If you’ve paid attention to the medical world and natural remedies lately, you’ve likely heard about CBD. CBD is an extremely divisive topic right now, especially in the topic of Do edibles show up in drug tests? as most people seem to be definitively in two camps. On one hand, people believe that it is a great natural substance that can be a big help, while others believe that it has little to no effect. However, studies have shown that CBD actually can be used positively in many medical treatments. One of the safest and most reliable ways of using CBD is through tinctures. So what are tinctures, what do they do, and how do they differ from other forms of CBD? Here’s a beginner’s guide to CBD tinctures.

Benefits of CBD

Before learning about a specific method of CBD ingestion, you need to understand the overall benefits that CBD can provide. CBD is a cannabinoid that is primarily used for medical purposes. CBD has a wide range of benefits including pain relief, relaxation, anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to combat seizures. As a result, CBD can be a great natural remedy to help you fight a wide variety of ailments. While CBD certainly isn’t guaranteed to cure your problems, it certainly is something that can help you combat them in a safe and natural way.

What is a Tincture?

Now that the overall benefits of CBD are established, it’s time to look at CBD tinctures specifically. In order to make CBD tinctures, CBD is isolated in alcohol and heated for a long time. The CBD then combines with the alcohol, creating a potent mixture for consumers to use. The alcohol is mostly burned off during the heating process, so it has no impairing effects related to it. Finally, other substances and essential oils are added to the mixture in order to either improve taste or add other benefits to the mixture.

Tincture vs. Oil

You may have heard that CBD tinctures and CBD oil are very similar, something that is a true statement. However, there are some slight differences between the two products. The first difference is the creation of the two substances. As mentioned before, CBD tinctures are created using alcohol, while CBD oil has no alcohol present at all. Since CBD tinctures are usually a mixture of substances, they tend to taste better, but are also usually less potent. However, both are ingested in a similar manner and offer similar benefits, making them very similar. The choice between CBD tincture and CBD oil comes down to personal preference.

Tinctures Compared to Other CBD MethodsAlthough CBD oil and tinctures are extremely similar, CBD tinctures differ greatly from other methods of CBD ingestion. For example, the method is often seen as much safer than ones where you need to inhale smoke and vapor such as CBD dabs and vapes. These methods are often associated with the obvious health risks that stem from inhaling smoke. In addition, tinctures are often lauded due to the fact that the consumer has the ability to control the dosage that they use. Other products like CBD edibles have a set amount inside them, but with a tincture, you can control exactly the amount you consume. Finally, unlike most other methods, tinctures are extremely portable and discreet, meaning you can take them anywhere you go and use them just about everywhere.