Clean like a pro with these makeup brush tips

Clean like a pro with these makeup brush tips

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word “chore” is “an unpleasant but necessary task.” By that logic, the process of washing your expensive and much-loved makeup brushes certainly fits the bill. It’s tedious, it’s annoying, it’s difficult to find joy in, and often the bristles don’t come out as well as they did before they were washed. Loved by Beauty professionals, makeup enthusiasts and featured by Cosmopolitan, OK!, Hello!, Daily Mail, Metro and Buzz Feed we recommend you invest in a nice little brand called StylPro which is a tool which can wash and dry your makeup brushes in a matter of minutes. 

This dynamic product cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds, leaving them clean and ready to reuse straight away. On a similar note, you can also use distilled water to clean your make-up brushes. This form of water is devoid of any minerals or impurities and has the ability to absorb the same when comes in contact with any surface. This property of distilled water (you can buy distilled water for your make-up kit if interested) can be helpful in cleaning brushes. Once your brushes are clean, why not use these top tips to tidy your make up bag and ensure that everything stays neat and tidy for 2018? It can make you forget the days of digging through a makeup bag to find your favourite eye-shadow and make getting ready a lot easier.

Pick the right bag

There are a few factors that go into picking the right makeup case and this can help you keep your products protected from damage and also help you find them on the go. When choosing a bag, try and opt for a material which is durable and easily wiped clean. If it is machine washable then even better as we are all guilty of opening a loose powder the wrong way or leaving the lid off a lipstick and causing a mess.

Think about pockets, if a bag has these then this provides you with the perfect chance to store smaller items separately and protect them from damage. Different sections with zips are also good if you carry a lot of makeup you might want to separate it into categories – day and night, for example – though they can make accessing your makeup confusing.

Think about your routine

Choosing products is a very individual thing. When thinking about what to pack in your makeup bag, remember that unless you’re putting on a full face of makeup at mid-day, you don’t need everything from foundation to loose powder to fake eyelashes in your handbag. Think about the products you actually need, perhaps a lose powder for touch-ups throughout the day, a lip salve or stick and maybe a spot of eyeliner. Keep clutter to a minimum and this will help protect your products from banging against one another and make your day bag a bit lighter!

Spring clean it regularly

Don’t let your makeup case get grungy now you have those shiny new brushes! Make an effort to clean the bag and the makeup itself, every so often. This is a quick, simple way to make yourself feel better about your possessions. (You could also buy all new clothes, but that takes a lot more time and money than wiping down a little vinyl bag.) Also, make sure to regularly replace disposable sponges and applicators. In addition to being unsanitary, a dirty powder puff is just sad to look at let alone put on your skin!