Consequences of Unhealthy Drinking Habits

Red Wine

If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that they appreciate having an alcoholic drink every once in a while. It helps to relax them. It helps them feel like they are included in a celebration. It can be good in combination with a meal. But, there is a pretty strong line where a gentle habit of drinking turns into a problem, and then becomes unhealthy quite quickly.

And the consequences of unhealthy drinking habits are many. If you drive after drinking, there is the possibility of DWI convictions. Too much alcohol means empty calories and weight gain. Certain people have more of a genetic or cultural disposition toward alcoholism. And in some cases, when drinking habits become unhealthy, you start having trouble with friendships or even maintaining a career. You may even get to a point where you need to enter somewhere like Arista Recovery Topeka to get professional treatment for alcohol addiction so that you can take back control of your life and start to rebuild with a new, sober outlook.

DWI Convictions

You should never drink and drive. However, a lot of people don’t take that fundamental rule to heart, and they end up getting convicted of a DWI. Even a few drinks can impair you at the wheel, and if you get pulled over by the police, there is not a lot you can do to defend yourself. You can get a good lawyer if you can afford it, and if you didn’t do anything wrong, they would fix it. However, there is no excuse for driving under the influence, and the consequences can be severe.

Empty Calories and Weight Gain

Unhealthy drinking habits mean empty calories and weight gain. It’s fascinating to watch people that drink a lot complain about how they don’t feel right, and they don’t like how they look. If you want to trim down on your figure, you may have to trim down on your drinking. Replace empty calories in beer and liquor with nutritious calories from other types of food, and many aspects of your life will improve.


Some people say that drinking relates to alcoholism, and other people say that alcoholism leads to drinking. In either case, alcoholics have a rough life. They spend a lot of money on drink. They rely on it to feel normal. Overindulging will kill them earlier in life than they would die usually. Alcoholics can exhibit terrible behavior people around them as well.

In Trouble with Friendships and Jobs

Drinking too much can lead to trouble with friendships and jobs as well. Many people change when they are under the influence of alcohol, and some become mean or aggressive. If you feel like you turn into a different, worse person when you are drinking, then it may be time to pull back from that ledge. If alcohol is a habit, it can be challenging to break, even to the point of feeling like an addiction, but it will be worth it to kick the behaviors if it improves social and professional aspects of your life.