Does vaping lead to popcorn lungs?

Are you wondering what popcorn lung is? This is nothing but a newly found disease which is also known as BO or Bronchiolitis Obliterans. Reportedly, this is a disease which causes wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath and there are few extreme cases, the progressive symptoms might even need the patient to opt for a lung transplant. Studies done by researchers have revealed that 40 out of 51 flavoring fluids which are used for e-liquids contain diacetyl, which is one of the main causes of Popcorn Lung.

Diaccetyl – Why is it linked with Popcorn Lung?

Diacetyl is a chemical which is also called diketone. There are many diketones which are used as agents for flavoring and they’re usually classified as safe to ingest. As we’ve seen, diacetyl isn’t safe for inhaling and that too in large amounts because it is considered as something that’s too dangerous. Acetyl propionyl is another cousin of diacetyl and both of these chemicals are used in processed foods to give the creamy and buttery flavor.

How is this related to vaping?

As mentioned above, there are few e-liquids which use AP or diacetyl or even a combination of both of them. This is because the companies which manufacture chemical flavorings never thought that the things that they manufacture would be inhaled but off late, they are seeing that people are inhaling them. The early makers of e-juice and e-cigs used different flavors and then they didn’t think about the possible dangers of such flavors.

Few vapers discovered the connection between the two. It was then that questions were being raised about the risks of diacetyl on different forums. Since then this debate hasn’t ever stopped. While there are some who think that since vaping is safer than smoking, every other concern is small, there are few others who wonder why people are not avoiding a risk that is caused by diacetyl.

This argument got louder when a group of scientists found that e-liquids contain a large portion of diacetyl or AP or sometimes both. The vapers gradually started getting shocked by the study. We choose to see action taken by the e-cigarette industry to eliminate any such small risk by making the electronic cigarettes safer than what they are.

Hence, the bottom line says that there’s no recent evidence which suggests that vaping leads to popcorn lung. Hence, it can’t be proved that vaping causes popcorn lung and so they’re not really at risk of going extinct due to health concerns.

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