We here at Cleanse Revolution regularly receive a number of health questions from our readers, which is why we are offering up our frequently asked questions to help answer any questions you might have about detoxing.

Q. What is a toxin?
A. A toxin is basically anything that might be harmful to your body. Common bodily toxins include bacteria, artificial foods, chemical substances and by products. Toxins can come in various forms and can sometimes be harmful to our general health.

Q. What does ‘detoxification’ mean?

A. Detoxification is simply the removal of toxins from your body. Your body naturally detoxes your body through your metabolism, but various health factors can determine a metabolism’s function – which is why a body cleanse and detox can help restore your health.

Q. Why should I detox?

If you care about your health (which you should), are feeling lethargic or want to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, you should start a detox – which means drinking more water, consuming more fruit and vegetables and removing processed foods from your diet.

Q. Will I find detoxing difficult?

A. Little changes make a big difference when it comes to detoxing; however, the difficulty level will be determined by your current lifestyle. If you live an inactive lifestyle and have a poor diet, you might find it a little harder, but that doesn’t mean you should give up at the first hurdle. The boredom will soon pass and you’ll soon feel better about a healthier, happier you.

Should I consult my GP before starting a detox?

  1. Yes. We recommend consulting your doctor before embarking on a new diet to determine if it is the right decision for your body. Speak to your doctor about your current lifestyle, planned detox and any other medical information (such as pregnancy and illnesses) and always follow their advice. Cleanse Revolution offers information as a guide only.

Read our detox tips here or if you have any further questions please feel free to message us here