How to Make Sure Your Supplements Deliver Maximum Potency

How to Make Sure Your Supplements Deliver Maximum Potency

Well ideally it should start with making sure the organic, whole food you eat is what delivers on its maximum efficiency by way of the nutritional value it gives you, but we all know how the story goes by now, don’t we? Because of factors beyond our immediate and individual control, such as how far the food we eat has to travel and as a result often has to be picked before it’s even fully ripe, we get a lot less nutritional value out of what we eat. 

Couple that with all the processed foods we eat as a matter of convenience along with the junk food we cannot help but fill upon sometimes and you very quickly realise that it’s near impossible to maintain a healthy and balanced eating plan without the introduction of supplements into your diet.

While supplementation is a matter of necessity for many people, in that the demands of modern day life eat right into their maintenance of a healthy eating plan, for other people supplements are to be taken for a specific health and fitness goal. If you take a protein shake before hitting the gym to lift weights for example, chances are your fitness goals have a lot more to do with building muscle mass or even toning your muscles than something like filling up on the shake as a nutritious and convenient meal replacement.

Either way, the potency of any supplement you take can be affected by a couple of factors, which you should consider if you want to make sure to get maximum value out of the money you spend on those supplements, by ensuring they deliver their maximum potency.


This plays a very important role in the strength of the supplement you take with regards to its intended purpose! The longer anything sits beyond its date of production the more its quality gets degraded, albeit at a very slow rate. Help is always at hand by way of the expiry date, but if you can get any supplement straight from the supplier then that’s the best way to go if you want to get it at its most potent.

Your Internal Biology

This completes the equation and balances the potency scale associated with the supplements you take, that being the state of your body and how it completes its various bodily functions. If your alimentary canal is all clogged up with toxins for example, it can be very hard for any decent amount of nutritional value to be delivered to where it matters most – your blood stream, let alone any additional nutritional value you might be trying to get out of the use of the dietary supplements you take.

Other organs responsible for different biological functions should also be in tip-top shape if you’re to get maximum potency from the supplements you take, so too any medication. So the best thing to do is perhaps go through an extensive internal cleanse in preparation for your impending use of a specific supplement, such as a good beetroot juice liver cleanse as well as a detoxification of the alimentary canal.

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