Why Pick Professional Whitening Over Whitening Pens?

Whitening pens can seem like quite an attractive idea. They’re cheap, and most manufacturers promise relatively fast results. Unfortunately, whitening pens really can’t hold a candle to the professional whitening services offered by a dentist, and here are just a few reasons why.

Pens Often Leave Patchy Results

The last thing you want when you’re whitening your teeth is to end up with uneven results. Unfortunately, this is an all too common result of using a whitening pen. They might seem easy to use, but it’s remarkably easy to miss out of the way areas – some of them may even be impossible to reach with a whitening pen. Even the smallest yellow or brown patch can stand out against whitened surfaces, so you should choose professional whitening instead. Your dentist will mould trays specifically around your teeth, so they’ll fit like a glove and bring all surfaces in contact with the whitening agent.

Pens Don’t Use High-Strength Bleaching Agents

Any over-the-counter product is going to suffer from the fact that only dental professionals can prescribe strong whitening agents. Weaker bleaches contain a low concentration of peroxide. They’ll whiten your teeth to some extent, but you need a higher concentration to achieve dramatic results. Whitening pens might be good for topping up teeth that are already quite white, but they can’t reinvent your smile.

Pens Produce Extremely Short-Term Results

In most cases, the main whitening effect achieved with pens has nothing to do with permanent changes to your teeth. Instead, enhanced whiteness is simply due to the film of whitening agent hardening across your teeth. Unfortunately, that hardened film gets brushed or washed away quite quickly. Of course, no whitening treatment lasts forever, but professional whitening will last a lot longer than whitening pens.