Summer 2017: These Accessories are Must-Haves!

While autumn is the perfect season for layering and adding various details to your outfit, summer has its charms as well. With all the fashionable accessories, you can turn, otherwise, plain outfit into a quite stylish ensemble that will take everyone’s breath away. So, having in mind the summer is practically at our doorstep, it’s time you got familiar with all the gorgeous accessories that will make your summer outfit stand out.


A stylish bag is an essential part of every outfit, but why not go a step further? With a trendy backpack, you’ll bring a whole new type of chic to your gorgeous ensemble. The ‘90s are making a huge comeback for quite some time now, and the throwback of cute stylish backpacks is one of the best fashion moves so far. Whether you match it with your long loose dress, or a pair of jeans and a trendy t-shirt, a fashionable backpack is all you need for all your belongings.


What’s a summer without a classy pair of shades? From classic aviator models with metal frame for edgy R’n’R style, to the oversized sassy plastic models, choose the one that best fits your face shape. When you add a stylish hat and a cute light scarf to the entire outfit, you’ll achieve a breezy summer look in no time.

Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets

Bracelets are really gaining in popularity this season. From once simple and delicate style, we’re moving towards urban and quite eye-catching pieces that will embellish the entire arm’s length. The more bracelets you choose for the outfit, the better. For an especially alluring look, go with multiple upper arm bracelets and add a touch of chic to that gorgeously cut out summer gown. However, for a more casual look, you can put paracord bracelets to good use. Paracord bracelets, which are generally worn by adventurers, are often considered to be a symbol of survival and therefore sends a strong message about the one who is wearing them. Since these type of bracelets are made of lightweight nylon rope, they can be quite comfortable for the wrist and can look ‘super cool’ with any casual outfit.

With or without earrings

If you thought bracelets are making a statement this year, then earrings from online shops like Gema & Co will astound you even more. The trend we’ll love this year is all about oversized and highly dazzling pieces that will attract everyone’s attention. When you’re looking for amazing pieces of jewellery that will perfectly complement your outfit, be sure to browse through a unique and stunning Sivana Spirit fashion collection and find the earrings to match that gorgeous summer dress. Furthermore, massive earring may not seem as much fun since they can be quite heavy, but trust us when we say they’re a must this summer. Go for cuff earrings in bright colours and let them fall down your shoulders.

Tie the belt

Don’t know what to do with your old belt? Transform it into a unique and playful accessory for your new summer outfit. Tie it in a knot, and embellish that cute little blouse with a perfect decoration. Furthermore, alongside a tied belt, the latest runway trends also suggest a super bedazzled extravagant belt as the newest hit. Nothing screams fashion as a lovely thin bejewelled belt, which you definitely shouldn’t miss as a part of your striking ensemble.


Don’t worry, we’re not about to warm you up on an already hot summer, but, much to your surprise, we have to direct your attention towards loose skinny scarves. Wrap an elegant scarf around the neck and let it stretch down and swing over your upper body. It’s easily combined with any piece of wardrobe, from a sundress and a blouse to trousers. Include a cute necklace underneath and let it peek playfully from your cleavage.

Final thoughts

You can never get enough stylish accessories for the summer, but we’ve managed to sum up a few essentials that will help you fashion a couple of really chic ensembles. Go for chic jewellery, trendy backpacks, stylish sunglasses, and don’t forget belts. With a thin loose scarf as a final touch, you’ll be setting a new trend in no time.