Surrogacy in Ukraine: What Does Surrogacy Agency Do?

Surrogacy is the type of reproductive technology for conceiving and giving birth to a child, which usually involves three persons: intended parents and a surrogate mother. Surrogacy in Ukraine is a perfect possibility for those people who cannot get pregnant for compelling medical reasons. It suggests concluding a type of legal agreement between a surrogate mother, who gives birth to a child, and a person or a couple who wants to have a baby.

A genetic father provides his sperm for insemination and agrees to take the parental responsibilities after the birth of a child. An intended mother provides her egg cell for fertilization, and she also has to assume the duties of a mother after the birth. A surrogate mother gives birth to a child from genetic parents on a paid or free basis. She does not pretend to have any parental rights. However, in the case of intended mother’s infertility or when a man does not have a couple but wants to have a baby, a surrogate mother can be a genetic one.

Surrogacy involves some medical procedures such as in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), cryopreservation of gametes or embryos, etc.

Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

Unlike in many other countries, surrogacy in Ukraine is ultimately legal. This country is one of six countries in the world where a paid form of surrogacy is allowed. The Family Code of Ukraine clearly describes relationships between a surrogate mother and child’s genetic parents. According to Art. 123, part 2, parental rights belong exclusively to intended parents who resorted to surrogacy services.

According to Ukrainian law, a surrogate mother has some obligations specified in a contract. The most common among them for a surrogacy agreement are as follows:

  • to provide clients with a medical certificate of her physical, psychological and reproductive health status;
  • to constantly undergo medical examinations and strictly follow doctors’ advice and prescriptions;
  • to transfer a newborn to his/her biological parents who have signed the agreement with her.

All other nuances of the cooperation are negotiated by the parties to the contract based on their specific case.

Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine

The process of looking for a surrogate mother can be held by a special surrogacy agency in Ukraine. There are some IVF international centers in the country, which can provide future parents with special services such as:

  • choosing a surrogate mother;
  • health examination and prescription of medical procedures;
  • awareness-building in a surrogate mother and intended parents and legal support during the execution of applications and a contract for participation in a surrogacy program;
  • assistance with the registration of a newborn in the surrogacy program.

The Cost of Surrogacy

The price of such a procedure can be different depending on the country and the agency, which will provide intended parents with surrogacy services. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine varies from about 36,000 to 60,000 USD. Sure, the choice of a program is based on health grounds and made under the supervision of an ART specialist who recommends the most reliable way to conceive and bear a healthy child.