The Anatomy of a Woman’s Body

The Anatomy of a Woman’s Body

The biological differences between men and women can be quite significant sometimes and this article will highlight and discuss some of the key parts of a woman’s body and how it can affect life in general.

Legs & Hips

The curves that come with being a woman can be a blessing in disguise. Not only do you look great and feminine but there is a lot of strength that comes with having very wide hips. If you’re a gym goer, you’ll be happy to know that you will have a natural head start in your lower-body training. Women are generally pound-for-pound stronger than men in lower-body exercises such as the squat and deadlift (particularly the squat movement)

Body fat

Women have a higher body fat percentage than men. Biologically, women’s normal body fat percentage is 25% compared to men’s normal body fat which is 15%.  This is because it is necessary for childbearing and estrogen production. Another consideration would be the pill. It is said by health experts that if you’re looking to remain the same weight when you go on the pill, you should decrease your caloric intake by 10%.


Of course, something women have that men don’t have is breasts so, that means there are things that females must consider that males wouldn’t have to worry about.  Now, if you large-chested chances are you are familiar with the term ‘back-pain’. Even more so if you’re an active person. There is a product designed to help prevent back pain and breast sagging. This product is called Boobuddy. The Boobuddy is a breast support band that has proven to be effective for larger breasted women.


If you’re a woman, ovaries can affect your behaviour. The menstrual cycle affects your emotions and can lead to a lot of instability. Some of the symptoms you may experience may include anxiety and bloating. Hormone levels fluctuate throughout the month generally, something that men may not experience as dramatically as women.

Child Birth

One of the most incredible parts of a women’s anatomy is the ability to give birth and create life. Females are insanely tough to be able to go through this pain. Obviously, this something that is fascinating and a feature of life that cannot even closely comparable in men. There are some by-products are giving birth that should also be discussed.

Stretch marks

If you’re hosting a child in your belly, there are going to be a few battle scars. This is nothing to ashamed of. In fact, this is something that you should be extremely proud of. The marks on your body show your life story.

Loose skin

As mentioned above, your skin will stretch, and not only will you have marks on your body but once you have given birth the skin on your body will take time to return to normal. This can take months. Again, only something you should be proud of.


It’s always a good thing to understand the differences you have with the other sex, but don’t let that limit you from what you can achieve in life. All the above is simply highlighting the variety of things women must deal with, nothing more than this. Be free and happy.