The best fitness retreats in the world


We hear a lot about fitness retreats and health camps. Something about sweating away in muddy and dark England isn’t as appealing as these beautiful destinations…

The bespoke body reboot- Buccament Bay

Here you get a tailor-made wellness package and get to chose how much exercise you do each day, from Pilates to kickboxing.

The hardcore honer- Norfolk

Ok, this is in England, but look at it! It’s beautiful. This weeklong bootcamp promises a complete body over hall with life-changing results. You’ll be working from 6am-7.30pm being put through your paces.

The urban antidote- Goa

This is more about changing the mind than the body. This package offers holistic yoga, relaxation and a mainly vegetarian diet to cleanse the mind.

The beech bootglamp- Ibiza

Some people think of Ibiza as a hard-core party destination, but not at beech bootglamp. Here you will learn to paddleboard and will see the beautiful sights of Ibiza’s coastline. As well as this you will meditate on the beach and get involved in some sunset yoga.

The rainforest recharge- Belizean rainforest

There is no itinerary here, just activities in these unique and amazing surroundings. Horse riding down steep forest tails and breathtaking waterfalls is just one of many fun activities.

Beginners triathlon camp- Dordogne

Ever fancied trying a triathlon? This dedicated camp at Les Stables allows you to train amongst beautiful scenery for four to six hours per day.