The Unlikely Relationship between Depression and Tooth Fillings

One of the unhealthiest crazes of today is that which has us labelled as something of the YouTube Generation or the Viral Generation. Of the many cat videos I’ve also been guilty of watching, which lead to hours and hours on end spent watching related videos where a lot of nothingness is featured really, there are some video-hopping streaks from which you can actually learn a lot. I’m happy to report that I’ve learned something on one of my most recent of these video-hopping streaks, which is great because at least then I know that it wasn’t all a complete waste of time.

So what I learned about was the unlikely relationship between clinical depression and tooth fillings and it makes for some very interesting reading to say the least.

How I came into this information

Incidentally I was looking for some information around the lifestyle of so-called digital nomads. That’s kind of a far-flung topic from eventually learning about the relationship between patients who are on treatment for depression and tooth fillings. It was a simple matter of a digital nomad vlogger/blogger sharing a link to this information, which he himself came into by researching something which had to do with a condition he was suffering that was affecting the lining of his gut. So don’t be too quick to dismiss those “if you liked this video then you might like this one” suggestions…

Zoning-in on the main topic

To get back to the main topic, basically it’s a matter of tooth fillings of the past containing mercury, which is why there are a lot of patients suffering from clinical depression who have had tooth fillings a couple to a few decades ago. Basically the mercury contained in the fillings was thought to have been a little bit too insignificant to cause any potential harm in any way, but apparently it does. It basically gets digested and is poisonous, seeping into the bloodstream and causing some chemical imbalances in the brain which contribute to depression as a form of mental illness.

Possible solutions

Fortunately the use of mercury based fillings is a practice which is hopefully a thing of the long-gone past, so we probably don’t have to worry about any new cases of that link, but even better alternatives have since come to the fore to fix those dental issues which would have required one to get fillings. For example, you can get ActOn Implants in St. Louis and you wouldn’t even break the bank in the process, plus medical insurers now see the value in covering such procedures, so it’s much easier and more affordable than ever before to restore the great smile you’ll be happy to have.

So if you know somebody who is suffering from clinical depression, it might do them good if you endeavoured to find out whether or not they’ve had implants which are possibly mercury based. Once the fillings are removed it does take a little while for the effects to be reversed, but the sooner the better.