Tips and Tricks for Beginner Marijuana Growers

Always stick to the basics. That is one of the most important tips that I always tell beginner growers reading about cannabis cultivation. It is true that throughout the years, numerous ways of growing marijuana has allowed people to make adjustments to their crops for better yields. While these are definitely effective ways of improving the performance of your gardens, there are some guidelines that every grower should be aware of! Once these basics have been recognised, growers can then learn new tips, such as how to heat a nail without a torch.

Both beginners and experienced growers of marijuana seeds will have some things to pick up from the tips and tricks that we have here. It is never too late to start optimizing your setup to make that sure you end up with only the best and most potent marijuana buds out there!

Always Start With High Quality Seeds

It isn’t overselling it to say that top-shelf weed genetics are everything. Before you even start planning on what your harvests will end up like or what setups you will use, you should make sure that your marijuana seeds are worth planting! Some people like to look up the most expensive weed strains so they know what they are aiming for to make business.

Using old, dried up marijuana seeds will more than likely produce plants that sprout low-potency buds that won’t live up to the genetics’ full potential. In worst-case scenarios, they might not even grow at all!

On the other hand, using fresh and high quality seeds are sure to give you large and dense buds, high THC levels, and some amazing highs! Of course, beginners and those who cannot afford the premium seeds may opt for mid-grade marijuana genetics for their gardens.

Good quality genetics will often display dark brown or black colors with a durable outer shell that does not break under the pressure of your squeeze. The waxy coating indicates that they are fresh and ready to be planted. Additionally, using the float test and seeing them submerged is an effective test to determine if your seeds are viable for cultivation!

The most important thing to remember is that your plants and output will only go as far as the seeds allow them to! Better parent strains that work well together are far more desirable to have than cheap crossbred seeds.

Drying and Curing Marijuana Buds is Essential!

After you are done tending to your buds and spending so much time and effort growing them, harvests seem like the end of the line! After all, you deserve to pack a bowl or joint with these buds and start lighting them up! However, that almost always isn’t the case as you will still need to dry and cure your cannabis buds. Don’t feel down as it will only take you an additional 2 to 4 weeks! That should be nothing compared to the months spent developing your marijuana plants!

Drying is basically done in order to extract and remove any excess moisture that builds up in your marijuana buds during cultivation. Because of the constant watering and underlying conditions that the plants are placed in during the growing process, they will undoubtedly contain a lot of moisture in them! Drying marijuana buds makes sure that you get a nice, even burn when you combust the buds. Also, it avoids any water from burning which may cause a bitter and burnt flavor when you consume them.

Curing, on the other hand, has more to do with the enhancement of the properties of your buds. When you cure your dried up marijuana buds, the flavors and terpenes start concentrating themselves into the buds. They get much richer and more potent, which can also lead to a more enjoyable smoking experience! Doing so also increases the shelf life of your buds, allowing them to last for years in storage!

Do Not Rush The Harvest

Prematurely harvesting your marijuana buds can lead to them losing a lot of the potency that they could otherwise build up. On the other hand, leaving them for too long can lead to the build up of too much potency and might not be ideal for consumption! It is important to time your harvests at the exact moment that the buds reach their best state. Some growers will use software, like BioTrack, to help track marijuana growth. That sort of software helps growers to ensure their marijuana is grown perfectly. You can also do so by judging the appearance of the plant and trichomes.

The majority of the leaves in your plants will have a deep dark/bright green and yellow color. The pistils should not be pale white and instead show a brown, amber hue. Lastly, around 75% to 85% of the trichomes should be cloudy white and not translucent!

Practice Makes Perfect For Training Techniques

There are lots of training techniques that growers can master in order to increase the yields of their marijuana plants. Some of the most common types are: using a ScrOG, trimming, topping, pruning, mainlining, Low-Stress Training, and defoliation. What these procedures do is that, through bending, cutting, and even breaking, the plants’ growth patterns change. This leads to their energy shifting to more concentrated places which eventually leads to the growth of more buds!

Training techniques may seem intimidating at first, especially for beginners. The idea of damaging your plants and exposing them to stress might seem like a bad idea. But these training techniques have been tested and proven by almost all growers out there! Try applying some of them in your gardens and see how it goes.

Using High Quality Soil

There are levels to the kinds of soil that you will use in your gardens. While it isn’t uncommon for amateurs to use generic, backyard soil for their first few grows, you are gonna have to improve the quality of your growing medium if you want to get the best out of your marijuana plants!

Now, what exactly is high quality soil? Well, you can pretty much tell the difference between fresh, healthy soil from a bad batch. Good soil will need to meet a number of qualities:

  • It should retain water well without making the soil solution muddy and wet. This keeps the roots hydrated and allows the proper absorption of nutrients via the rooting system.
  • Good soil should also have a proper drainage system in order to remove any excess water. This also helps flush out any excess nutrients that may otherwise lead to nutrient burn. A loose soil mixture is great for allowing air flow and circulation, which keeps the soil fresh and robust.
  • Giving the soil enough nutrients and water will ultimately lead to them displaying a dark brown color that indicates it is in good health. The soil should also feel crumbly and loose but robust in your hands.
  • Lastly, always keep the pH level of your soil at a neutral 6.0. This avoids risking too much alkalinity or acidity levels that may stunt the growth of your marijuana buds.

Have Fun!

Growing marijuana crops is a learning process that can take a few times to get used to. With that being said, you are going to have to dedicate an ample amount of time and effort in doing so! Cultivating your own marijuana plants and supplying yourself with your own weed buds is something that can really be beneficial in the long run. If you plan to become a supplier, please be aware of the metrics of marijuana trade. It can get a little tricky for some people; you can check out the guide to measure marijuana here.

Always have fun doing so! If it becomes a chore to you, then you won’t be able to get the best out of your marijuana seeds.

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