Why Should People with Braces Pick up a Water Flosser?

Brushing doesn’t get to the spaces between your teeth, which is why it’s so important to floss right after brushing. Unfortunately, people wearing braces often give up on flossing until they are removed. This might not sound like a big deal, but the build-up of plaque, tartar, and bacteria that results from poor oral healthcare is a serious issue.

Instead of giving up on flossing, why not pick up a water flosser?

Ease of Use

A water flosser is designed to clean between your teeth – it does so by directing a powerful jet of water between them. The most obvious benefit for people with braces is that there’s no need to work string floss around all those wire supports and bands. In fact, all those bands and supports can make flossing with regular string floss all but impossible, especially if your mouth is on the smaller side. With a water flosser, all you need to do is direct the stream of water between your teeth – it’s just as easy with braces as without.

Food Removal

The jury is out on whether water flossers remove plaque as effectively as string floss, but there’s one thing water flossers do a lot better: food removal from braces. Unfortunately, clumps of food can stick to your braces. This can cause bad breath and lead to a surge of bacteria growth. With a water flosser, you can clean your braces at the same time you clean the gaps between your teeth.

Gentle Action

Anyone who has worn braces understands how uncomfortable they can feel, especially during the first few days and weeks. Using regular floss during this initial period can be extremely uncomfortable, and there’s always the chance you’ll catch part of your braces with string floss and cause pain or discomfort. A water flosser works very gently, so discomfort is kept to a minimum.